Commitment The most powerful journeys also represent the greatest challenges. We will face these challenges with extreme commitment to attaining individual & collective excellence.

Collaboration and co-creation for the greater good can only come from a thriving, healthy community.

Courage & Belief Based on our belief that within each person lies the infinite potential for greatness, we will boldly step into ours, exemplifying what we believe exists within every individual. 

Love & Safety We provide a nurturing space where people feel safe to express themselves and find the support & solutions they require to find & reach their true self & potential.

Positivity & Hope Our engagement with others shall always be positive in nature & outlook, a consequence of which everyone leaves each encounter filled with more hope & inspiration than before. 

Support & Inspiration We will seek to support & inspire each other in building the products that will best serve our community to achieve self-actualization.

Trust We will be honest & transparent in our communications, so as to warrant the trust of our colleagues & extended family.


Anna Pereira

Shari Alyse

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Core Values


We are the catalyst for opportunity, abundance and global well being. Our projects always go back to our core values. We believe anything is possible when we have a common vision as co-creators of a better world.

- Anna Pereira, Chief Executive Office

I used to dream of making change happen, now I live it. We see the potential in humanity and the need for healing and hope on a global scale. We are the solution for a better world.

- Shari Alyse, Chief Inspirational Officer


To Co-Create a Better World by supporting individual change through our members unique purpose. 

Our projects focus on people who believe the time is now, and actively contribute to creating a paradigm shift in consciousness and awareness. We empower individuals to recognize their unique and valuable contribution, linking them into communities where their passion will have positive impact. We believe that through the people who contribute to the overall wellness of mind, body, spirit, environment and planet, we can co-create abetter world.